NASHUA — A Nashua man could face enhanced penalties due to the volume of illegal drugs found in his possession, according to Nashua police.

An Operation Granite Shield investigation on Thursday netted the arrest of Richard Rowell, 46, of 17 Hobbs Ave, Apt. 2, who was charged with a second offense of possession of heroin or fentanyl with the intent to distribute and a second offense of the same crime with crack cocaine possession.

Officials said Rowell was found to have more than 40 grams of crack cocaine and over 20 grams of heroin or fentanyl.

Rowell had been held without bail prior to his arraignment Friday in Hillsborough County Superior Court North.

The Nashua Police Department’s Narcotics Intelligence Division, Problem Oriented Policing Unit, Traffic Unit and Hudson police took part in the raid, officials said.

Citizens are encouraged to call the Narcotics Hotline at 594-3597 or utilize the Nashua Police Department’s website at with any information concerning illegal drug activity.