NEWPORT — A South Main Street woman who police say was beaten over a property dispute wants a restraining order against one of her neighbors.

Toy boat sparked shooting involving Newport neighbors
Man accused in shooting deemed not dangerous, released from jail

According to statements made in court, Paula Cain, 57, claims she was beaten by Valerie Ellsey in a fight started when Cain hit a toy boat in the driveway that Ellsey and Cain share for their homes at 214 and 220 South Main St.

Cain filed for a restraining order against Ellsey, and the case was scheduled for a hearing in Sullivan Superior Court. The hearing was canceled and will be rescheduled.

Cain claims that Ellsey jumped on top of her and repeatedly hit her, resulting in traumatic eye injury.

Cain’s boyfriend, Oliver Renehan, 58, came out of 214 South Main St. and is accused of shooting Kevin Nottage, 24, of 220 South Main St., in the leg with a .45 caliber pistol during the altercation. Renehan is also accused of firing a shot that went through Ellsey’s home. He is facing charges of first-degree assault.

Cain also said in court that an unnamed second man joined in the beating. According to some witness testimony in the case, Nottage took part in the beating, though other witnesses contradict that version of events.

Cain, Renehan and Ellsey have had a bad neighborly relationship for years, with Cain claiming that Ellsey and the people who live at her home have beaten her in the past, according to statements made in court. Renehan’s son, Raymond “Powell” Renehan, 28, was charged for shooting at the Ellsey neighbors during a round of hostilities in 2017, according to court records.

Oliver Renehan had initially been ordered held without bail, but that was changed to $10,000 bail on the stipulation that he live with friends in Grantham, and that he not possess any firearms as the case is pending.

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