CONCORD — State officials warned Friday that telephone scammers have taken a dangerous step and now offer to visit a potential victim’s residence to collect money or other valuables as part of their scheme.

That is the latest twist to the “grandparent scam,” when callers pose as a relative or police officer and seek financial help from a unsuspecting relative, often a parent or grandparent. In most cons, the swindler had sought money via wire transfer.

“New Hampshire residents have recently reported these scammers have arranged for the in-person pick-up of money or other valuable goods directly from the victim’s home. This represents a new and dangerous threat to New Hampshire residents,” reads a statement released from Attorney General Gordon MacDonald.

The scammer will also tell the victim that a gag order has been issued, and the victim must not speak to anyone else.

Anyone receiving such a call should hang up immediately, the statement said.

Thursday, December 03, 2020
Wednesday, December 02, 2020