Erin Fitzgerald and Lisa Wolford

Erin Fitzgerald and Lisa Wolford from the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office listened to Janet Delfuoco's closing argument before saying the Northwood woman acted with the intent to put her victims in fear by posting threatening comments to Facebook on Feb. 5, 2017.

Janet Delfuoco

Janet Delfuoco of Northwood was found not guilty Wednesday afternoon at Strafford County Superior Court. She was on trial accused of threatening a Manchester attorney and two judges.

DOVER — A self-proclaimed witch from Northwood facing four felony-level criminal threatening charges and a misdemeanor was found not guilty Wednesday afternoon at Strafford County Superior Court.

Janet Delfuoco, 52, was accused of threatening the lives of Manchester attorney Clifford Gallant, as well as Judge David Anderson and Judge Mark Weaver in Brentwood. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office was responsible for prosecuting the charges, which were based on a Feb. 5, 2017, Facebook post.

In the public post on her private page, Delfuoco mentioned the men and then wrote, “I will give you the shirt off my back and heal your diseases, but I am also just as capable of killing you off. Don’t ever cross me with corruption and greed.”

The AG’s office was notified about the post after Jody Ducharme, a marketing manager at Granite State Credit Union, screenshot it and sent it to her executive staff members. Ducharme had been put in charge of monitoring Delfuoco’s Facebook page after Anderson denied her motion to remove a home equity loan from her property.

Delfuoco had made claims in court and in recorded interviews that Granite State Credit Union engaged in predatory lending practices and Ducharme said during testimony Monday that she routinely checked Delfuoco’s Facebook page as part of her job of keeping the credit union’s public image positive.

During closing arguments Wednesday, Delfuoco admitted that in Anderson and Weaver’s courtrooms she was emotional and tried to explain why they might have perceived her as angry, or capable of threatening them.

“I cried and I yelled, and I screamed over and over again, and I was bad in those courtrooms because nobody was helping me out,” Delfuoco said. She said she was going through family court battles over the custody of her oldest son and the credit union was threatening to foreclose on her home.

“I didn’t go kill anybody, I didn’t hurt anybody, I didn’t threaten anyone,” Delfuoco said as she wrapped up her closing arguments. “From the bottom of my heart, I swear to God I was never going to hurt anybody.”

Senior Assistant Attorney General Lisa Wolford told the jury that Delfuoco had “waged a war against these judges and Granite State Credit Union for more than two years.”

Wolford explained that Anderson could not, by law, discharge the home equity loan and ordered Delfuoco’s ex-husband to pay $500 a month for it since it was taken out for his benefit. Wolford described Delfuoco as furious after receiving paperwork dismissing her case.

“When she learned Judge Anderson had dismissed her complaint, you better believe she was furious,” Wolford said. “She had an obvious motive to retaliate.”

Wolford also disputed Delfuoco’s claims that she did not mean the threats. Delfuoco claimed during opening statements Monday that she is a witch who believes in karma, not physical aggression.

“That’s not a defense. It’s a scam,” Wolford said.

The jury spent less than three hours deliberating after closing arguments Wednesday. When she heard the not guilty verdicts, tears welled up in Delfuoco’s eyes.

“I’m numb. I haven’t slept in four days. I’ve literally been awake for the straight four days… I didn’t know what to expect. I told the truth. I didn’t lie about anything. I admitted to writing it. I admitted to taking it down. I just told the truth and obviously the truth just prevailed,” Delfuoco said afterwards.

Delfuoco said she plans to write a letter to Anderson and Weaver explaining her actions. Since the criminal charges against her have been dismissed with the not guilty verdict, she is not prevented by any court order from doing so.