Clockwise from top left are Kyle Mercer, Nikolas Martin-Blanchette, Erik Hirschfeld and Jacob Goulet. 

MERRIMACK — Four people are accused of brandishing guns while participating in an online video where they threaten to kill people.

All four of the men have been arrested in connection with the video, which was posted on social media and eventually reported anonymously to authorities on Saturday.

Kyle Mercer, 24, of 15A Dow St., is accused of posting the video, according to police.

Mercer, along with Nikolas Martin-Blanchette, Erik Hirschfeld and Jacob Goulet, were all depicted in the video “making threats while holding firearms, specifically related to killing people,” police said in a release.

“Due to the content of the video and the nature of the threats, Merrimack police immediately initiated an investigation,” said the news release.

Hirschfeld and Martin-Blanchette were both arrested on Saturday, and Mercer and Goulet were arrested during a motor-vehicle stop Monday in Merrimack, according to police.

All four of the men have been charged with felony counts of riot and criminal threatening, and all four of them were initially being held on preventative detention.

Following their arraignment on Tuesday at Hillsborough County Superior Court South in Nashua, Mercer was still being held, however Martin-Blanchette, Hirschfeld and Goulet were released and placed on house arrest, said police.

Nikolas Martin-Blanchette is 19, and resides at 9 Ingham Road, Merrimack. Hirschfeld is also 19 and resides at 96B Wason Road, Hudson. Goulet is 18 and lives at 449 Silver Lake Road, Hollis.

“The Merrimack Police Department would like the public to know that this was a collaborative effort with the Nashua, Hudson and Hollis police departments, and that their assistance played an integral part in resolving this matter,” police said.

Two of the firearms used in the video have been recovered by authorities.

According to online reports, Mercer was arrested in 2012 for a separate incident in which he allegedly broke into a home on Peaslee Road in Merrimack with two other teens.

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