Police: Driver used Camel cigarettes for state inspection sticker

A driver tried to use this box of cigarettes for a state inspection sticker, Plaistow police said.

PLAISTOW -- A driver was stopped by police and ticketed Thursday after police say she attempted to pass off a pack of Camel 99 cigarettes as an official New Hampshire inspection sticker.

Police said officer Edward Barrasso III noticed what appeared to be a suspicious sticker on a vehicle around 2:20 p.m. on Route 125 and decided to make a stop.

According to police, the driver stuck the cigarettes in the window and attempted to make them look like an inspection sticker by coloring a reddish border around the box and writing "09-19" in the middle.

The driver, identified as Bonnie Blanchette, 53, of Pepperell, Mass., was cited for a traffic violation.

“I’ve seen false stickers a few times in my career, but not too often. I’ve seen a variety of different methods. This is definitely the most creative one I’ve ever seen. Normally they really try to duplicate what the actual sticker is,” police Capt. Brett Morgan said.

Morgan said most fake stickers “jump out as bogus” to officers.

“As long as you’re out there for the purpose of looking for that stuff your eye gets trained to it and you’re able to pick it out,” he said.

Police posted a message on the department’s Facebook page stating that while the fake sticker was creative, drivers should not to attempt to make imitation stickers, but rather get their vehicles inspected.