KEENE — A local man was arrested last week after police say his dog bit the face of a young neighbor, leaving her bleeding.

Edward Lee Trezza, 21, of 63 Colorado St., Apt. 1, is charged with a misdemeanor for having a dog that is a nuisance or a menace, after his pit bull named Cherokee bit the 13-year-old girl, according to the police report filed in court.

Trezza was arrested Thursday morning at his home after not complying with officers, according to police. The biting incident occurred at his apartment on Oct. 30, according to the report.

The girl was with her aunt, who had gone to Trezza’s apartment to help with eviction paperwork. Initially, Cherokee was friendly with the girl, but suddenly growled without warning and bit her face, drawing blood, the report states.

Trezza first put the dog in another room, but Cherokee got out and appeared to be ready to attack the girl a second time, according to the report.

The girl’s aunt brought her to the Cheshire Medical Center walk-in clinic for treatment and the dog bite was reported to authorities.

The dog was not current on its rabies vaccine nor was it properly licensed, according to the report. Trezza was ordered to have Cherokee placed in quarantine at a veterinary clinic or the Monadnock Humane Society.

According to the report, this is not the first time Cherokee has attacked. A couple who lives on the same street told police their dog had been attacked by Cherokee as they walked past Trezza’s home in September.

The couple’s dog required veterinary care, and one of the dog’s owners was told to get off the property when she tried to speak to Trezza, according to the report.

Two years ago, Cherokee reportedly attacked another dog, which also required veterinary care, according to police.

Trezza was released after appearing in the 8th District Court in Keene. He is due back in court Nov. 20.