PETERBOROUGH — Police say an Overseers Road man fought with police officers after they arrested him.

Joshua Cormier, 32, is charged with driving under the influence-subsequent offense, resisting arrest, disobeying a police officer, and an open container violation for the Sunday night incident that included him crashing his car into some shrubs at a convenience store, according to Peterborough Police Chief Scott Guinard.

Police got a report of a possible impaired driver around 8:10 p.m. Sunday and tracked the suspect car to the Big Apple convenience store on Route 202.

Guinard said Cormier ran his car up onto the lawn at the convenience store and crashed into some shrubbery.

Cormier was seen stumbling out of his car, and into the store to buy more alcohol, Guinard said. He was getting into the car when police arrived.

Cormier initially refused to give his name to police or cooperate with the officers, Guinard said. He was placed into custody and put into the back of a police cruiser.

With his hands cuffed behind him, Cormier started to work the cuffed hands down around his legs to get them in front, Guinard said.

Instead, Cormier got his hand-cuffed hands stuck around his ankles, and that’s when he started to complain about his wrists hurting. Police responded by getting Cormier out of the back of the cruiser, and uncuffing one of his wrists  to get his legs free, Guinard said.

With one hand free, Cormier tried to fight with the officer, Guinard said.

Police subdued Cormier and they brought him to Monadnock Community Hospital to be treated for his sore wrists. He was released back to police, booked, and released on personal recognizance bail.

Cormier is due to appear in the 8th Circuit Court in Jaffrey on Feb. 21.