Jeremy Winslow in court

Jeremy Winslow speaks with his lawyer, Mark Osborne, at Hillsborough County Superior Court in Manchester on Wednesday.

MANCHESTER — A Hillsborough County prosecutor warned Wednesday that Club ManchVegas murder witness Jeremy Winslow should be “very, very concerned” about his final Judgment Day. But his judgment on Wednesday at Hillsborough County Superior Court proved nothing to fear.

Winslow, 34, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving with a suspended license, subsequent offense.

Just days earlier, a judge had dismissed a charge of cocaine possession. Winslow, whose girlfriend was shot and died as he drove from a Club ManchVegas parking lot on March 2, will likely spend another four months in jail after the plea bargain.

“Defendants come into this courthouse to be judged by 12 of their peers,” wrote Assistant County Attorney Donald Topham in a note he passed to a Union Leader reporter before the hearing. “Mr. Winslow will be judged by his creator. He should be very, very concerned about that.”

A man who had participated in a confrontation with Winslow outside the bar — Bro motorcycle club member Justin Moura — has been charged with Tanya Hall’s murder.

Winslow has a long criminal record, facing nearly 60 criminal and motor vehicle charges since 2002, according to past Union Leader articles. He faced charges such as robbery, felony drug charges and simple assault in his younger adult years. More recently, he has been charged with stalking and domestic assault.

He also had many no-shows in court, which prompted a judge to order him jailed on the charges that followed Hall’s murder.

Moura’s family has said that Winslow “started something” inside Club ManchVegas with members of the Bro club. And Winslow’s early accounts of the incident left out key aspects.

His lawyer, Mark Osborne, said he was surprised at Topham’s comments.

Winslow met with police at least twice, identified Hall’s killer and identified witnesses in the case, his lawyer said after the hearing. Winslow has cooperated in every way and in doing so has been jailed for the last three months, Osborne said.

“I think Jeremy Winslow should have a clear conscience and I do believe the dropping of the cocaine charge today, that’s justice,” Osborne said.

Topham did not elaborate on his statement. In court, he told Judge Amy Messer he would drop the cocaine charge.

A muscular Winslow appeared in a Rockingham County inmate uniform. Both his wrists and ankles were cuffed. He spoke politely and thanked Messer during the hearing. He said he was taking an anti-depressant since his incarceration.

Hall’s father attended the hearing but left without talking to reporters.

Police found a tenth of a gram of cocaine in the console of Winslow’s SUV. Osborne had pursued several efforts to get the charge dropped, including raising doubts about whether the cocaine belonged to Hall and arguing that police should have limited their consent search to evidence of a murder, not drug possession.

Next up is an expected indictment of Moura. Homicide prosecutors with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office have said they plan to seek an indictment this month.

Osborne has said Winslow is a victim of an attempted murder. It’s unknown if prosecutors will seek such an indictment.