Raymond woman now jailed after 5 DWIs in four months

Marie Collins pleads with a judge to release her on bail at her video arraignment in the Derry Circuit Court Monday morning.

DERRY — A Raymond woman arrested five times on drunken driving charges since September and released on bail each time will remain jailed after a judge declared her to be a safety risk.

Marie Collins, 34, was ordered held in preventive detention Monday morning during a video arraignment in Derry Circuit Court on a breach of bail charge filed Friday by State Police.

The charge was brought after Collins was arrested by State Police on Jan. 6 in Danbury on her fifth driving while intoxicated charge since her first arrest in Fremont in September.

Her license was suspended, but Collins allegedly continued to get behind the wheel after judges in each DWI case allowed her to be released on bail with certain conditions, including that she not drive and refrain from excessive alcohol use.

State Police prosecutor Alex Yiokarinis said he doesn’t believe any bail conditions would prevent Collins from drinking and driving.

“This is dangerous conduct which justifies an order for preventative detention. … I have not seen someone allegedly commit this many DUIs in such a short period of time and I think that it is appropriate under these circumstances that this court order preventative detention,” he said.

During her video arraignment from the Rockingham County jail, Collins pleaded with Judge Kerry Steckowych to set bail so she could be released, saying she recently underwent treatment in a rehabilitation facility.

She explained how she is working and has three young children.

Collins, who lives with her mother in Raymond, claimed she has no access to a vehicle and that her mother holds her money.

“I haven’t been drinking at all, your honor. Please,” she said.

Steckowych expressed concerns about setting bail and allowing Collins to go free again.

While the DWI cases are still pending, he said he has “great concern for the safety of the public.”

“The court does not find that there is any combinations of conditions that would be added to your current bail conditions that would protect the public. You’ve had significant access to a vehicle during those times from Sept. 3 to Sept. 13, Oct. 5, Oct. 11, and Jan. 6,” he said.

“Please your honor,” an emotional Collins shouted.

According to Yiokarinis, the string of arrests began in Fremont, when she was charged with DWI on Sept. 3. He said she was stopped by Fremont police after it appeared she had been involved in an accident and admitted to police that she was drunk.

Collins was arrested on her second DWI charge on Sept. 13 in Manchester after another accident. Yiokarinis said she told Manchester police she was a “bad person because she’s drunk and needs help.” He said she also admitted that she was an alcoholic, that she shouldn’t be driving and that she needed to return to treatment.

“She stated several times she knew she should not be driving because she’s drunk,” Yiokarinis said.

Manchester police arrested Collins on another DWI charge on Oct. 5 after she was found slumped over in a parked car that was running in a parking lot. Yiokarinis said test results showed her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for driving.

State Police arrested Collins on her fourth DWI charge on Oct. 11 after receiving a report of a vehicle on Route 101 that was “all over the roadway.” A trooper eventually caught up with Collins at an Irving station in Raymond and found she showed “multiple signs of impairment,” Yiokarinis said.

In addition to the DWI charge, Collins was charged with driving after her license was suspended.

State Police encountered Collins driving again on Jan. 6 on Route 4 in Danbury after she was reported to be straddling the double yellow line. A test showed blood alcohol content again was more than twice the legal limit, according to Yiokarinis.

Mary Bermani, Collins’ former mother-in-law, said she attended Monday’s arraignment to “make sure she got off the road.”

She said she feared for the safety of her grandchildren and the public.

Bermani said she was “shocked” that Collins continued to be released from jail after each DWI arrest.

“It makes me question the system, the new bail reform and all of that. Why someone repeatedly within, I think it was in five weeks, she had four DUIs, and then she went away to rehab, partial hospitalization in Florida for two months, came back and still re-offended. And she’s been driving the entire time. We’ve seen her driving. We’ve told the police she’s driving and they couldn’t do anything,” she said.

Bermani said her son and Collins are getting divorced.

Collins, who represented herself at the arraignment, is due back in court on Feb. 12.

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