MANCHESTER — The Strafford County Attorney will announce next week the results of a months-long investigation of two fired city police officers.

Former Manchester detectives Darren Murphy and Aaron Brown have been the subject of a criminal probe since last year, when a woman accused them of forcing her to have sex with them in exchange for having charges against her dropped. Then-Police Chief Nick Willard fired Murphy in February and Brown in April.

Strafford County Attorney Tom Velardi’s office took over the case in order to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest should the Hillsborough County Attorney’s office have conducted the investigation.

It is not yet clear whether Murphy or Brown will be charged as a result of the investigation.

In an email on Thursday, Velardi said that he would announce the results of the probe at 1:30 p.m. next Wednesday outside the Manchester Police Department.

Velardi said he could not provide further information. Manchester Police Lt. Brian O’Keefe said the department would issue a statement following Velardi’s announcement.