We have noted it often through the decades: When times appear toughest, the supporters of the Union Leader Santa Fund for the Salvation Army step up the most.

So it was again for Christmas 2020. As a New Hampshire Sunday News story this week noted, the program raised $190,000 this time around, which was up from the previous year.

This happened despite, or perhaps because of, the viral pandemic that hit New Hampshire as it did the nation, with a slowing of the economy, job layoffs, school disruptions, and a myriad of related issues.

As a result, the need was greater. The Salvation Army noted a sizable increase in assistance requests. But wouldn’t tougher times mean fewer people and businesses could support the Santa Fund? Nope.

If anything, there seemed to have been more donors this year. Familiar ones as well as new ones gave. And while we didn’t do a hard count on this, it seemed that there were more donations made anonymously this campaign as well.

Whether you were new and anonymous or a longtime friend and supporter, we thank you all. You have helped make what has been a dark winter a little brighter with gifts, the Kids Cafe, and warm winter coats. Come summer, some kids will get to experience summer camps, too. Thanks again.

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