Robert April III

Provided by Rockingham County Department of Corrections Seabrook’s Robert April III is accused of locking his girlfriend in a bedroom, attacking her with a metal bat, and wrapping a rope around her neck while threatening to kill her.

Robert L. April III, 52, of Seabrook, was indicted this month on charges of attempted second-degree murder, criminal restraint, two counts of domestic violence, domestic violence-related strangulation, and witness tampering.

According to a Seabrook police affidavit, officers responded to the Seabrook Emergency Room on the afternoon of Feb. 26 after the alleged victim arrived and reported that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend.

The woman reported that she feared he would kill her while they were having an argument.

During the alleged incident, she reported that April told her to sit on the bed and then he placed a rope around her neck and pulled it in opposite directions, causing it to tighten.

She told officers that she believed she lost consciousness for about a minute, police said.

The woman also alleged that April struck her in the face and locked her in the bedroom.

She claimed that at one point he threatened to set her on fire and told her that he was going to “cut her head off with a machete and then proceeded to hit her again,” police said.

The indictments allege that April used a metal bat to strike the woman in the head, causing swelling and an abrasion.

She told police that she “has never been hit so hard in her entire life,” the affidavit said.

A doctor reported that she suffered a head injury, a large bruise on her stomach, and ligature marks on her neck, the affidavit said.

During the alleged assault, the woman claimed that while she was pinned down and being hit she grabbed a knife and stabbed April in self-defense.

The witness tampering charge alleges that April later asked his mother to contact the alleged victim and tell her to “tell the court she … did not fear him” and that “she’s gotta pull back” and “gotta come around.”

When questioned by police, the affidavit said April told them that “things got out of hand.”

April also made statements saying he was sorry, that he loved her and “didn’t mean to hurt her,” police said.

In a later recorded interview, police said April told them that he couldn’t recall anything during the incident.

“Bobby advised detectives that if she said it happened it must have happened,” the affidavit said.

April remains held on preventive detention at the Rockingham County jail.

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