Jason Riddle

Jason Riddle, seen here with wine he allegedly stole from a lawmaker’s office Jan. 6, is facing federal charges.

The Keene resident who helped himself to a bottle of wine while ransacking Congressional offices during the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol said he will plead guilty in the case.

Jason Riddle, who faces five criminal charges, will appear in federal court in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 4 to plead guilty, according to a Sept. 10 entry in his online court file.

In an interview, Riddle said he's never claimed he didn't participate in the storming of the Capitol. He now wishes he had not.

"If I knew what  the outcome would have been, I wouldn't have gone in there," Riddle said. He said a mob mentality had overcome the crowd. He stressed he did not break any property or hurt anyone, but he knew in the back of his mind he should  not be in the building.

After storming the Capitol, Riddle admitted on TV that he took a few swigs of a bottle of wine he found in a lawmaker’s office. And he swiped and sold a Senate procedure book to a stranger for $40.

On Jan. 6, a mob supportive of former President Donald Trump marched on Capitol Hill, assaulted Capitol Police and broke into the Capitol building, hoping to block Congress from certifying the results of Joe Biden’s victory in the November election.

Riddle has been free on his own recognizance following his arrest, with stipulations that he take no drugs or alcohol, stay out of Washington except to go to court, not possess any guns and stay out of trouble.

Riddle, who in his early 30s, said he is running for the 2nd Congressional District as a Republican. He noted that incumbent Congresswoman Annie Kuster, a Democrat, often puts  out solicitations seeking money to fight far right extremists.

"It's a little hurtful living in northern New England as an openly gay man and being called a far-right extremist," he said.

He also complained that comedian Stephen Colbert criticizes him but refuses Riddle's offers to appear on the show.

In July, Bridgewater resident Thomas Gallagher pleaded guilty to his role in the insurrection. He is to be in federal court in Washington on Oct. 13 to be sentenced.