FARMINGTON – Local police are looking to get to the bottom of a sex toy litterbug in town.

Sunday morning a local photographer stumbled across an unusual pile of litter while out running. On Main Street, not far from its intersection with Route 11, was an extensive collection of discarded sex toys on the wayside.

The cringe-worthy find will earn the dumper a misdemeanor if found, Police Chief Jay Drury said Monday.

“I was disgusted by the activity and one of my officers cleaned it up,” Drury said.

The chief explained that a Boy Scout troop cleans up litter in that section of town and he would not want children exposed to a scofflaw's discarded sexual devices.

Kassandra Russell, the runner who discovered them, posted a photo to a Facebook forum for town residents.

“Just out for a run in our beloved town… on Main Street. Anyone missing a collection of sorts?” Russell quips in the post.

Russell said the area where she found the collection in the grime has heavy traffic, so it's not a place where kids are likely to play.

“I have seen some unusual things but that, by far, was not a sight I ever expected to see. It definitely lead my mind to wonder what the story was about them ending up there,” she said.

Despite the odd incident, Town Administrator Arthur Capello has received no more littering complaints than usual this summer. There are certain spots in town, such as the local forest and conservation land, that are monitored with cameras to catch and ticket litterbugs, he said.

Friday, November 15, 2019
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