Holly Crawford and Miguel Graciani


MANCHESTER — Detectives arrested two people at a city ballpark Thursday on drug possession charges.

According to police, at about 4:30 p.m. Street Crime Unit detectives observed a man and woman “acting suspiciously” near the dugout at Sheehan-Basquil Park, which is near the intersection of Auburn and Lincoln streets.

The man, they said, was pacing as the woman sat on a bench. Then detectives allegedly saw her hand him something that he appeared to smoke.

“When detectives approached the couple, they saw a pipe on the bench,” police said. “They also found a used syringe and a cellophane bag that was determined to have Heroin/Fentanyl in it.”

Holly Crawford, 34, and Miguel Graciani, 48, were charged with possession of a controlled drug. Both were scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 22 in Hillsborough County Superior Court — North.