Syrup theft

Police want to speak to this man about the theft of $200 worth of maple syrup from an Alstead maple syrup stand.

ALSTEAD — A man got caught on video stealing $200 worth of maple syrup from a Forest Road syrup stand, and now police would like some help catching him.

Alstead Police Chief Stephen Murrell posted a video to the department’s Facebook page this week seeking help identifying the man. The suspect can be seen in the video grabbing large bottles of syrup and putting them in a box.

Murrell said the theft took place at the Mighty Maple Stand around 5 a.m. on Sept. 5. Murrell said Mighty Maple’s owners have a sugar house and they operate the stand selling the syrup on an honor system, similar to the many farm stands operated around Alstead and the region. Thefts from these types of businesses are rare, he said.

“It happens occasionally,” Murrell said. “Most people in our area are honest and pay for the products in the various honor system stands around town.”

Murrell hopes putting out the video will help resolve the case.

“We have a few possible leads sent through Facebook messenger that need to be followed up on, hopefully more will information will be reported or the person in the video will turn himself in,” Murrell said.

Thursday, June 04, 2020
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