Korey Dean

Korey Dean speaks with his attorney, David Betancourt, last week at Strafford County Superior Court. His jury trial wrapped up Tuesday with closing arguments.

DOVER — The fate of a man charged with sexually assaulting a woman and accused of threatening to cut off her head is now in the hands of a jury.

Korey Dean, 26, of Dover, faces six felony charges which include kidnapping, sexual assault and criminal threatening. Prosecutors allege that on Oct. 27, 2015, he used a knife to terrorize the woman after he “unlocked his brain” and decided he wanted her to “join him in world domination.”

Dean’s jury trial at Strafford County Superior Court wrapped up Thursday with closing arguments.

Deputy County Attorney Timothy Sullivan said even though the couple had a relationship that included erotic play with a “safe word,” she made it clear she was not interested in Dean’s advances on the night in question.

“She did not use the safe word because she didn’t have to. She used a much clearer word, ‘No,’” Sullivan told jurors. “How many times does a person have to say ‘No?’”

Sullivan said Dean’s own admissions to witnesses and police show that he is guilty. Sullivan described what he said happened when police questioned Dean, saying a sense of pride swept across Dean’s face after he mentioned raping the woman and performing a blood ritual on her.

Sullivan said not only did Dean threaten to cut off the woman’s head and a tattoo, but he also tried to stab her in the chest with a kitchen knife but missed because the knife got caught in her sweater.

“What he did to her is a crime and he is guilty,” Sullivan said.

Public defender David Betancourt maintained his claims that the incident happened during consensual erotic play.

“This rape fantasy was part of their normal sex life,” Betancourt said.

If convicted, Dean could face up to 63 years in prison.