Photo: 190208-news-dartbannertheftfolo Stolen Dartmouth banners returned

Two of the three stolen Dartmouth 250th anniversary banners were returned this week after police published this photo of the suspects on social media.

HANOVER — Two stolen Dartmouth College 250th anniversary banners have been returned, according to Hanover police.

“We’ve recovered a couple of the banners, but there’s still one out there,” said Hanover Police Lt. Scott Rathburn.

Dartmouth is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations the town and the school partnered on a banner display throughout Hanover. The school designed and paid for the banners, and Hanover’s Parks and Recreation Department put them on light posts throughout town.

Three of the banners were stolen between Jan. 17 and Jan. 19. Rathburn called the thefts disappointing.

On Monday, Hanover police published a surveillance photo of two suspected banner thieves on the department’s Twitter account.

By Wednesday afternoon, the department’s Twitter account said the suspects had been identified. Though Rathburn declined to name the suspects, or say if the suspects contacted police, he said two of the stolen banners were returned.

Rathburn declined to say how the banners made it back to police, and he declined to say if anyone is being charged for the thefts.

Each banner is estimated to cost $55.