DURHAM — Police in Durham saw a higher percentage of University of New Hampshire student arrests in 2018.

In years past, when officials gathered statistics about arrest data, it showed about 60 percent of people arrested during the course of a calendar year in Durham and on campus were students at UNH.

Last year, that jumped to almost 70 percent of the arrests being students.

Of the people taken into custody, 675 of the 968 identifiable parties arrested by police in 2018 were enrolled in classes at the university.

Officials say there appears to be no one reason why that number jumped so dramatically.

“There’s nothing we can point to for a reason that says why there’s an increase in the number of students arrested,” Durham Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelley said Monday.

Kelley said they do not have enough data yet to determine if there is a trend in the type of illegal behavior taking place in town.

Each week, the Durham Police Department provides administration at UNH with the names of all students arrested and the vice president’s office determines future student status from the arrest log after meeting with the individuals. Local officials say physically arresting students for illegal behavior, as opposed to issuing a summons, has reduced recidivism rates.

Kelley said even though non-student arrests are down percentage-wise, they have seen an uptick in people coming to Durham to party and victimize students living off campus.

“We have had a number of thefts and assaults committed on students,” Kelley said.

In the fall, two incidents at The Cottages led to the arrest of six people who were not enrolled in classes.

Devon Raftery-Smart, 20, of Dover, allegedly entered 20 Clubhouse St. on Sept. 29 and pressed the muzzle of a handgun into the side of an 18-year-old’s neck. Raftery-Smart and his alleged accomplice, Kaylah Abdul-Ghafur, 20, of South Berwick, Maine, were indicted on charges related to the incident by a grand jury at Strafford County Superior Court Dec. 20.

On Oct. 5, police were called to 71 Manor St., across from the complex’s clubhouse, after three men walked through an unlocked front door. The intruders fled when confronted by a student living there.

Oumaru Kante, 21, of Manchester, Daquan Henclewood, 21, of Manchester, Sethe Shea, 20 of Manchester, and Devyn Alston, 21, of Salem, were arrested in Lee.

Kante was indicted on a charge of accomplice to burglary and Henclewood was indicted on a charge of burglary Dec. 20 at Strafford County Superior Court.

In total, there were 996 total arrests in Durham last year.

Durham police arrested 402 people in 2018. University of New Hampshire police arrested 576 people.

State police and New Hampshire Liquor Enforcement also have a presence in the town, providing support during major events and monitoring establishments where alcohol is sold. State agencies reported 18 arrests in 2018.

The town of Durham averages 1,102 arrests per calendar year. The highest number of arrests in recent history took place in 2005 with 1,232.