Tanya Hall shooting

Manchester resident Justin Moura — the man facing a murder charge in the shooting death of Tanya Hall — calmly walked away from the scene where he told police he had slipped on ice and accidentally fired the shot that killed Hall, according to a surveillance video of the incident.

The short video clip shows a dark figure, identified during a court hearing as Moura, 34, running up to a Jeep SUV on Old Granite Street as it stops at the Granite Street stop sign and then proceeds.

The vehicle seems to be jolted — possibly hitting a curb — and drives off, as Moura calmly walks away.

Hall, who was a passenger in the vehicle, died minutes later of a gunshot wound to the back.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office has charged Moura with second-degree murder in Hall’s death.

The video was played during a March 12 bail hearing that Moura had requested.

The New Hampshire Union Leader obtained a copy of the video after making a request through the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, which prosecutes homicides. Previous media accounts showed obstructed versions of the video.

“Generally speaking, and obviously, viewing just one or two videos of an event is like hearing portions of one eyewitness’s testimony — it is easy to make incorrect and inaccurate assumptions. Mr. Moura is presumed innocent and the charges against him are merely accusations,” wrote the lead prosecutor, Peter Hinckley, in an email.

The hearing actually featured two videos. Hinckley did not make the second video available. That second video showed a possible confrontation and the Jeep supposedly striking Moura. That confrontation took place in the parking lot across Granite Street from Club Manchvegas minutes before the shooting.

During the bail hearing, police recounted what Moura told them during interviews after he visited the police station.

The Iraq war veteran told police he had entered a “fight or flight” mentality after the Jeep, driven by Jeremy Winslow, struck him in the parking lot and Winslow said he would kill Moura.

Moura told police he exercised “bad trigger discipline” and ran up to the Jeep with a round chambered in his 9 mm handgun his finger on the trigger. He told police he considered shooting out a tire.

He told police the Jeep veered toward him, he slipped on ice, his hands went up and the gun accidentally fired.

The video, which contains no audio, shows a silhouetted figure running toward the Jeep, his frame illuminated by lights around him.

However, his image is lost when it reaches the Jeep, which is when the shooting took place. The Jeep appears to go over a curb as it turns right onto Granite Street.

The man is next seen in the street and calmly walks back the way he came.

According to the current charge, Moura was acting recklessly at the time of the murder. Superior Court Judge Amy Messer has denied his bail, and he is next scheduled to return to court on May 1.

Prosecutors have yet to take his case to the grand jury, which under normal procedures must take place within 90 days of his confinement.

Hinckley attributed the decision to share the one video as “prosecutorial decisionmaking” but would not elaborate.

An email to Moura’s attorney, public defender Stephen Rosecan, was not immediately returned.

Five days after the shooting, Winslow was charged with cocaine possession and driving with a suspended license.

He remains in Rockingham County jail for lack of $10,000 bail.