Goodwill Northern New England Americorps and Southern New Hampshire University are partnering on a new program designed to help aspiring teachers achieve their dream.

The Teach for Impact Corps is in partnership with SNHU’s School of Education, with AmeriCorps providing living stipends and an education award to help with tuition costs.

Members of the program earn while they learn— the program doubles as a term of service with AmeriCorps while they earn a master’s degree in secondary education with STEM education, including certification in one of five secondary areas: middle school math or science, secondary math, or grades 5-12 social studies or English language arts.

“When I heard about the Teach for Impact program,” said current member Cecilia Martins, “it so perfectly aligned with my desire for community engagement and working towards a teaching certificate and education degree that I applied to it within an hour of hearing about it.”

Teach for Impact members engage with middle and high school students in the greater Manchester area for 16 months while taking classes on campus to become a certified New Hampshire teacher.

A dedicated faculty advisor and three professors at SNHU, along with experienced on-site teachers, provide expertise, support, and real-time guidance throughout the program so members are prepared when they take on their first classroom teaching position.

Groups start the program every May on campus and finish up in August of the following year. This includes serving full-time as a clinical teaching assistant in a local classroom September through June.

The cost of tuition at SNHU is supported by the AmeriCorps Segal Education Award as well as a bi-weekly stipend from AmeriCorps. Additional benefits may include health insurance and childcare reimbursement if eligible.

“When we applied, we had no idea that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to hit, nor did we expect its impact,” said member Tanya Larochelle. “Classes started (on time), and are continuing virtually, for our SNHU course load. The faculty has been amazing at making shifts to make sure that we have face time with students and get the experience and credit we need for our courses.”

The program welcomes “qualified individuals with a bachelor’s degree in a related content area and a passion for making a difference in the lives of young people,” according to a press release.

Anyone interested in applying, should visit or contact Professor Audrey Rogers at SNHU in Manchester, NH, at

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