Move over, Chris Sununu. Charlie Olsen of Auburn is on his way to the corner office.

Olsen, a fifth-grader at Auburn Village School, has been elected New Hampshire’s Kid Governor.

Kid Governor is a statewide civics progam for fifth-graders in which schools can nominate one student for the election.

The nominees run on platforms addressing community issues they care about, and work with classmates to create campaign videos explaining how they would approach their issue.

Kid governor

Fifth-grader Charlie Olsen of Auburn gets applause from his classmates at a gathering to announce that Olsen is the winner of the 2020 New Hampshire Kid Governor statewide election at the Auburn Village School on Nov. 18, 2020. Olsen, one of seven candidates, was elected by over 1,000 fellow 5th grade voters. His platform includes solutions for childhood depression which he highlighted in a video viewed at the event.

Students in participating schools around the state then vote for the candidate they think has identified the most important issue and has the best plan and leadership skills to help find solutions.

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