NASHUA — A local father desperate to stop his teenage daughter from being bullied any further has taken his plea to social media, posting on Monday two videos of his daughter being beaten on school property by another girl.

Videos of the two separate attacks have sparked outrage, and the father claims the assaults and threats have occurred repeatedly at Fairgrounds Middle School. 

“A disturbing video of an incident that recently occurred at Fairgrounds Middle School has unfortunately been posted on Facebook. Using social media depicting children fighting is wrong,” Superintendent Jahmal Mosley wrote in a letter to parents. “I am informing parents and community members that we are deeply disturbed by this incident.”

Chad LaCrosse, the father, claims that his daughter was attacked on Sept. 27 and again on Monday by a classmate. “ … while she was looking the other way and she was beat down,” LaCrosse posted.

One video shows a girl run up to another girl from behind while outside, grab her by the hair, pull her to the ground and punch her about 10 times before an adult intervenes. A second video shows the same two girls outside of a school bus while one female pulls the other girl’s hair back and repeatedly punches the girl in the head. No one intervened in that video, however there was a man’s voice repeatedly yelling, “Hey!”

LaCrosse, who was not immediately available on Monday to comment, posted that his daughter was also threatened on Sept. 28 and Oct. 4, and had to be dismissed from school on Oct. 4.

In his post he said he has met with Principal Sharon Coffey, Vice Principal Jeffrey Arbogast and Nashua police.

“They all said there is nothing they can do to make this stop, and she needs to fight back or maybe she should change schools to resolve,” LaCrosse wrote.

In a statement, Mosley said students engaging in these types of incidents are disciplined according to the school district’s policy.

“Furthermore, we have contacted law enforcement for support and guidance on this matter. Any student involved in this or any subsequent incidents — fighting or recording a fight — will have consequences,” he said. “We will continue to investigate this incident as this is not representative of the Nashua School District.”

Mosley said he wants every student who attends Fairgrounds Middle School and all Nashua schools to be safe, adding “we will not condone any acts of violence and videotaping any acts of violence.”

“As superintendent, and as a father of a middle schooler at Fairgrounds Middle School, I am deeply troubled by this event and we will investigate this fully,” he added.

In both videos, other students are present and watching the attacks unfold. One of the videos had more than 30,000 views in the first few hours it was posted.

Viewers expressed frustration that no one intervened in the second video, angry that no one came to the aid of the girl who was being attacked.

“This should never happen to any child. This behavior infuriates me,” replied Laurie Chouinard.

Mosley said Monday that as soon as administrators became aware of the situation, they immediately began investigating and took action. He recognizes that parents who may see the videos will have concerns.

“This was not our best moment in terms of being public. These are some challenges we are addressing,” said the superintendent, adding the district is acknowledging the situation and performing its due diligence.

One of the videos can be viewed via the following link:

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