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Dartmouth students again have been granted universal daytime access to all dorms on campus.

HANOVER — Dartmouth College is letting students into any housing unit on campus during the day, easing up restrictions put in place to deal with alleged racist incidents.

Dartmouth rolls out new email system as police look into racist hack
Dartmouth implements new dorm restrictions after allegations of racist incidents

In years past, all students generally had universal access to housing units at Dartmouth, but as students were moving in this year the college put in place a new policy that restricted their access to campus housing, only allowing them to access buildings within their own house community. Dartmouth splits up students into one of six different residential houses as an effort to build community within the school. Houses host meals and other activities.

Michael Wooten, associate dean of residential life and director of residential education, sent out two emails in recent days, signaling the end of the universal restrictions, according to a report in The Dartmouth, the school newspaper. Students may now access all the school housing buildings daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Overnight access is still prohibited.

The September restrictions were enacted in response to student requests to limit student access to dorms after last year’s alleged racial bias incidents, including reports of vandalized dorm room doors, according to The Dartmouth.

In February, a series of racist emails were sent to members of the Dartmouth community via an email system digitally doctored to appear to be coming from one particular Dartmouth student and sent using the school’s email system.

The Dartmouth reports that the restrictions announced in September were widely unpopular on campus, and students gathered 3,000 signatures for a petition protesting the change.

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