Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College

HANOVER — With students moving in this week, Dartmouth College is implementing new housing access restrictions for students after last year’s allegations of racist incidents.

Dartmouth rolls out new email system as police look into racist hack

Mike Wooten, associate dean of residential life and director of residential education, told The Dartmouth that, starting this academic year, students will no longer have universal access to all dorm buildings as they did last year. Wooten did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

The change means Dartmouth students will only be able to use their student IDs to access buildings within their house community. Dartmouth splits up students into one of six different residential houses as an effort to build community within the school. Houses host meals and other activities.

The change is in response to students’ requests to limit students’ access to dorms, following last year’s allegations of racial-bias incidents, which included reports of vandalized dorm room doors, according to The Dartmouth.

In February, a series of racist emails were sent to members of the Dartmouth community using an email system digitally doctored to appear to be coming from one particular Dartmouth student, according to the school’s chief information security officer at the time, Steve Nyman.

The emails were sent using the school’s email system, Nyman said.

Diana Lawrence, associate vice president for communications at Dartmouth, said both of those investigations remain open, though there have been no new incidents, she said.

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