Photo: 190214-news-dartemailinvestigation Dartmouth investigates racist emails

Dartmouth College is investigating a spate of offensive emails being sent to students and at least one staffer, and made to appear to be coming from one Dartmouth student. The college has stated that student did not send the emails.

HANOVER — Dartmouth College security is looking into a series of racist emails reportedly sent to several students and at least one teacher, the second such email incident in recent months.

“A few months ago, an unknown person sent racist email messages to students purporting to be from another student,” wrote Steve Nyman, the college’s chief information security officer, in a campus-wide email sent this week. “Today we are seeing similar fake messages sent to other students and one faculty member.”

The emails are digitally doctored to appear to be coming from one particular Dartmouth student and sent using the school’s email system, Nyman wrote.

“These messages are not originating from Dartmouth’s email system and are not authored by the student they are claiming to be,” Nyman wrote in a campus-wide email sent this week.

The student whose identity is being hijacked to send the emails could not be reached for comment.

The racist emails, targeting mostly Asian students and staffers, first started showing up in October, according to a report in The Dartmouth. The messages reportedly include racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic comments. Nyman is asking anyone who gets a racist email to forward them to