Dartmouth College

More than 100 Dartmouth College alumnae are putting their money where their motivation is, together committing to give more than $379 million to their alma mater.

The successful initiative comes as the Ivy League college prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of admitting women in 2022.

In all, 103 women pledged to give $1 million or more to Dartmouth’s The Call to Lead campaign, supporting funding priorities that include endowed scholarships, professorships, coaching positions, academic programs and capital projects, according to a news release.

Peggy Epstein Tanner, a co-chair of the campaign, said when the decision was made to admit women to Dartmouth, “Many men expressed concern that women didn’t understand philanthropy and had neither the inclination nor the means to give back.

“But no one should ever doubt the tenacity and power of Dartmouth women,” said Epstein Tanner. “Look how far we’ve come.”

Another woman who participated in the campaign, Karen Francis DeGolia, said as a financial aid student in the Class of 1984 at Dartmouth, she never imagined being able to contribute at that level. “But Dartmouth changed my life in ways I could never have predicted and helped prepare me for a successful career and fulfilling life,” she said.

“This is a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the friends, education and achievements that have resulted from my Dartmouth experience,” she said.

The effort to enlist 100 Dartmouth women to donate $1 million or more, the culmination of a seven-year initiative, was one of three successful campaigns aimed at engaging women of all class years and giving levels. Another was a grassroots effort to mobilize 1,000 women to donate toward the renovation of Dartmouth Hall. And a third campaign aims to recruit 100 members to the Centennial Circle of Dartmouth Alumnae, an annual giving society that has raised more than $10 million in scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Women now represent more than a third of the alumni body at Dartmouth, half of the Board of Trustees and more than half of all advisory board members.

Dartmouth President Philip J. Hanlon (1977) thanked the women who participated in the funding initiatives.

“Not only have you inspired future generations of Dartmouth alumnae through your example, you have modeled what’s possible for organizations and institutions across the nation,” he said.

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