School bullying

School bullying

A Nashua father posted video to social media in attempt to prevent future assaults against his daughter.

NASHUA — The seventh-grade girl who was allegedly assaulted by classmates on two separate occasions has been diagnosed with a concussion and a possible broken rib, according to her father.

“My daughter is being put in an abusive situation where she is in fear, and we are not getting any support,” Chad LaCrosse told the New Hampshire Union Leader on Tuesday — the day after he posted videos of the attacks on social media.

LaCrosse said he visited the courthouse on Tuesday where he was granted two restraining orders prohibiting the two alleged female attackers from coming within a close distance of his daughter.

Meanwhile, Nashua police said Tuesday that they are actively investigating the situation.

“We are certainly aware of the incident that took place at Fairgrounds Middle School. We have seen the video and it is clearly alarming and unacceptable behavior,” said Lt. Peter Urban of the Nashua Police Department.

The first incident occurred on Sept. 27 when a seventh-grade student ran up to LaCrosse’s daughter from behind, grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to the ground and punched her about 10 times before an adult intervened; the attacker’s friend recorded the assault, said LaCrosse.

The second incident occurred on Monday when the girl who recorded the first incident pulled his daughter’s hair back and repeatedly punched her in the head. No one intervened in that video, however there was a man’s voice repeatedly yelling, “Hey!”

The second incident was recorded by the first girl who initially attacked LaCrosse’s daughter, he said.

“I am not getting any answers from anybody,” said LaCrosse, who plans to meet with Superintendent Jahmal Mosley on Wednesday.

LaCrosse has already shared his concerns with police, and acknowledges that both school officials and local authorities are paying closer attention to the matter now that it has gained so much publicity.

“She is very strong about the whole thing,” LaCrosse said of his 12-year-old daughter, who did not go to school on Tuesday because she had a doctor’s appointment. “… But everyone has a breaking point. I am trying to get legal advice and pushing in every direction to see if I can file charges.”

According to LaCrosse, his daughter was diagnosed with a concussion and a possible fractured rib, adding she has marks on her face and a black eye.

Urban said the case is open and active, stressing these types of incidents are very serious. He said safety at all city schools is paramount.

“We understand the video is alarming to watch and we understand the public’s concern and the attention it has gotten,” said Urban, adding city police are doing their best to resolve these matters. However, he said that because the individuals involved are juveniles, there is limited information to share publicly.

LaCrosse claims that the principal and assistant principal at Fairgrounds Middle School were neglectful, and failed to handle the situation appropriately when they first classified the alleged assaults as bullying.

He says administrators were initially downplaying the situation, which prompted him to post the videos that have since gone viral and sparked outrage among many parents.

Mosley said the school district is also investigating the situation. The superintendent says he has spoken with the school administrators, explaining they have been engaged in discussions with LaCrosse.

“When administrators became aware of the situation they immediately started to investigate and take action,” said Mosley.

He stressed that the videos never should have been posted on social media.

Parents need to know that school officials are aware of the situation, are investigating and that the school district is doing its due diligence, said Mosley.

“This stuff happens at a public school,” he said. “... We are not trying to cover it up. We are acknowledging it.”

Mosley explained that guidance from police has been sought, and these types of challenges will be addressed. The superintendent said he is “deeply disturbed” by the incidents.

Any student involved in this or any subsequent incidents — fighting or recording a fight — will have consequences, according to Mosley, who said he wants every student who attends Fairgrounds Middle School and all Nashua schools to be safe.

“We will not condone any acts of violence and videotaping any acts of violence,” he stressed.

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