Pinardville’s Little Free Library

A Little Free Library in Pinardville, similar to the ones to be installed in Manchester.

MANCHESTER — The city installed a “little library” behind City Hall Friday afternoon. The wooden box is stocked with books — anyone looking for something to read can grab a book. The little library was stocked with books and audio books donated by the Manchester City Library.

Unlike the city libraries, no library card is necessary to borrow a book. There is no obligation to bring the book back, but there is a hope that people will give books back to the little libraries.

The city-stewarded little libraries will join 10 “Little Free Librariesalready in Manchester, built and maintained by residents and community groups. Those libraries depend on donations from the community, and while city officials hope residents will donate books to the city’s little libraries, the Manchester City Library will also check in on the little libraries and replenish them.

A group of volunteers built 15 little libraries in September. The little library at City Hall was the first to be installed — Livingston Park, Rock Rimmon Park and Sheridan Emmett Park will get libraries in the coming days. Eleven more will be installed in the city next spring.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Tuesday, February 18, 2020