Ross A. Lurgio Middle School

The Latin classes at Lurgio Middle School in Bedford will remain in place after voters approved the school district operating budget of $77.7 million on Tuesday.

In Bedford, education supporters showed up at the polls on Tuesday and avoided a repeat of last year’s failed budget.

Nearly all of the proposed projects listed on the school ballot were approved by voters, with the exception of a $1.3 million bond to update and install sprinkler and alarm systems at Memorial Elementary School, Peter Woodbury Elementary School and McKelvie Intermediate School.

Voters supported a $793,000 bond to improve athletic infrastructure, including the replacement of the turf at Bedford High School — an initiative that had to be cut from the budget last year.

With a vote of 1,877 to 1,762, voters approved the turf bond, which also includes resurfacing the gym floor at the high school complex, as well as improvements to Preston Field and maintenance at the Higgins track.

On Tuesday, voters also approved the proposed school district operating budget of $77.7 million with a vote of 1,929 to 1,733; that means the Latin program at Lurgio Middle School has been saved.

School officials originally removed that school’s Latin courses from the proposed school district budget — a cost savings of $32,831. However, at the school deliberative session, several students and parents voiced their concerns about the potential elimination of the program for seventh and eighth graders, and the funding was ultimately returned to the spending plan approved Tuesday.

Two bargaining agreements with local unions were also supported on election day, including a three-year contract with custodial and maintenance staff, and a three-year agreement with instructional teaching assistants, secretaries, clerks and food staff.

School Board incumbent William Foote and Sue Jennato, co-president of the Bedford Parent Teacher Group, ran unopposed and were elected to the School Board with 2,407 and 2,613 votes, respectively.

Elected to the Town Council were former Town Clerk Lori Radke and newcomer William Carter, with 1,775 votes and 1,457 votes, respectively; their opponents were incumbent Chris Bandazian who garnered 1,368 votes and former Councilor Kelleigh Murphy with 1,171 votes.


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