MANCHESTER — Manchester school administrators confirmed Friday that a data breach occurred when individual student scores on tests were inadvertently sent to all families of Hallsville Elementary School students.

The individual score sheets were attached to an email sent out on the results of the latest iReady data on reading and math tests which had showed some progress for the K-5 school located at 275 Jewett St., officials said.

After this happened, School Principal Christopher MacDonald said he had contacted technology staff with the Manchester School District in hopes of being able to recall those emails.

After he learned that was not possible, MacDonald said he sent out a follow up email to all parents asking them to delete those attachments.

“As proud and as excited as I was to get this information out to show our school’s amazing growth, two of the documents were sent by accident and should not have been included,” said MacDonald, who apologized to all families for the data breach.

The Manchester school board approved MacDonald as principal last August after a decade serving as assistant principal at Northwest Elementary School in the city.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bolgen Vargas said his office is looking into how this occurred.

“This was an unfortunate but serious mistake and we are reviewing our procedures to determine how best to avoid this type of accident in the future,” Dr. Vargas said in a statement.

During the most recent school year, the K-5 school had 306 students.

According to independent rating agencies, students at Hallsville in the past scored well below the state average on math and reading tests.

In the 2017-18 school year, Hallsville had ranked 10th lowest in scores among the 13 city elementary schools and 227th among 231 elementary schools across the state according to