Campbell High School

Campbell High School

LITCHFIELD — This fall, Campbell High School is seeing its highest number of graduates from a single graduating class attend selective colleges and universities — a trend that school officials expect will continue with the new senior class.

Among the Class of 2019 were 114 graduates, according to Superintendent Mike Jette, who said 84% of those graduates are attending either a two- or four-year college program this fall; 74 of the recent graduates are enrolled in a four-year school, and 22 of them are enrolled in a two-year school.

“That is pretty average,” he said, comparing those numbers to local graduates throughout the past five to 10 years.

However, he said that 20 of the recent graduates, or about 17% of the Class of 2019, are now attending selective post-secondary schools. In comparison, 6% of the Class of 2018 attended selective schools, Jette said.

“Students are more competitive with each other — in a positive, competitive way,” he told the school board.

A selective school, according to Jodi Callinan, director of counseling, is a school that takes class rankings into consideration, favors students with above-average SAT scores and accepts a small percentage of students who apply.

“They pride themselves on maybe having 17 percent acceptance rates,” said Callinan.

For example, Jette said, this fall, there are two 2019 Campbell High graduates attending Arizona State University, which is considered a selective school.

He said the recent graduating class had 41 acceptances into this selective category of schooling, although only 20 are now enrolled. For instance, three students were accepted to Anna Maria College in Paxton, Mass., another selective school, although none of them opted to attend.

“We are going to have that again with this current senior class,” Callinan said of the high number of students enrolled in selective colleges. She said the new seniors are eager, motivated and competitive, and are continuously checking their class ranks.

“This group is ready to go,” she said.