Bedford High School

Bedford High School

BEDFORD — School officials this week approved the appointment of Bedford High School’s next principal.

With a unanimous vote, the board hired Bob Jozokos to replace retiring principal Bill Hagen.

Jozokos has been the associate principal at Bedford High School since 2016, and previously served as assistant principal for several years and interim principal for a short stint.

“It is us, as a community, that still steers where the ship goes,” he said prior to the board’s vote on his new role.

Jozokos, who lives in Bedford, was part of a team that helped plan for the construction of Bedford High School. He previously taught in Bedford, Bow and Raymond.

At the very core of Bedford High School’s philosophy is its students, according to Jozokos.

“Every kid gets one shot through their high school career, and I just have to make it the very best that it can be,” he said.

Jozokos has a degree in English, a Master of Selected Studies from the University of South Dakota and a principal certification and education specialist/superintendent certification from the University of New Hampshire.

“He has been a part of Bedford High School since its inception,” Superintendent Mike Fournier said of Jozokos.

In a recent survey of parents, students and faculty, Fournier said there was a lot of positive support for Jozokos. He is an anchor in the community — someone who has built strong relationships with staff and students, the superintendent said of Jozokos.

Fournier described the new principal as thoughtful, bright and open to change, adding he is an individual who is willing to chase down different pathways at the high school.

Bill Kassler, school board member, said Jozokos is a good fit for the job, primarily because he is student-focused, a strong communicator and empathetic person.

When asked whether the high school’s existing International Baccalaureate program and Advanced Placement program can continue to coexist at the school — an issue that has been raised recently — Jozokos said, “Yes, there is no reason why they can’t.”

Jozokos was the school’s International Baccalaureate coordinator from 2007 to 2010, and the school’s Dean of Humanities in 2007.

He will begin his new duties on July 1, following Hagen’s official retirement; Hagen has been principal for the past nine years.