NEWMARKET — Students have been forced out of modular buildings at Newmarket Elementary School after they began to sink in soggy conditions.

In a letter to parents, principal Sean Pine announced Thursday that fifth-graders would be moved out of the modular buildings because of safety concerns.

“Due to the very wet ground, our modular buildings are slowly sinking into the mud. This has caused some settling of the buildings which is causing our modular doors to stick. For safety reasons, we obviously need to be able to open these doors with ease,” Pine said in the letter.

The fifth-graders are being relocated into the main building.

Pine said there is “no quick fix” to the problem with the sinking modular buildings.

“Given the typically wet spring season, we are concerned that even if we were to invest in jacking up the modular buildings they would be likely to settle again in a short period of time,” he said.

The evacuation of the modular buildings comes as a storm moved in early Friday morning with a round of rain that only added to the muddy mess.

Rain was expected to mix with some snow in southern areas while central and northern parts of the state were under winter storm advisories and warnings for several inches of snow.

Meanwhile, a new classroom addition at the elementary school is expected to be ready around the time of April vacation.

Pine said details are still being worked out, but school officials hope that all of the fifth-graders will be moved into the new classrooms at that time.

The addition is part of a $39 million project approved by voters in 2017 to expand and renovate the elementary school and Newmarket Junior-Senior High School.

The project will add more than 50,000 square feet to the junior-senior high school and just over 20,000 square feet to the elementary school along with renovations to existing space.