Breakfast Serials: 'The Liberty Pole'

The Liberty Pole is based on a true event that took place in Holmes Hole (present day Tisbury) on Martha’s Vineyard sometime between 1775 and 1778. As the story indicates, Tisbury was sympathetic to the patriot cause, but had no choice but to remain neutral in the early years of the war.

The women of the town did stage their own "tea party" though, and there were other acts of defiance as time went on, including the raising of the Liberty Pole. Soon afterward the men of the town formed the Sea Coast Defense and actively joined the rebellion. Little is known about the Liberty Pole event other than the fact that three young girls blew it up rather than see it commandeered by a British Man-of-War.

In the story, a young woman named Polly Daggett works with her friends to protest what they believe to be the repressive British rule. When the Revolutionary War begins, Polly’s friend Caleb, a young man about whom she cares deeply, is killed and the town erects a flagpole – The Liberty Pole – in his honor. Then British want to use the town’s symbolic flagpole as a mast on their ship. Polly and her friends must act and so they blow up the Liberty Pole.

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