PACE academy

PACE Career Academy in Pembroke is closing.

PACE Career Academy, a charter high school in Pembroke, will close at the end of the school year.

The school opened in 2011 as an alternative high school for struggling students. This year, 62 students were enrolled, according to state data.

Clint Hanson, chair of the school’s board of trustees, said in an email the school is closing because it could not raise enough money.

“All avenues of fundraising and grant support were explored in the budget preparation process,” Hanson wrote. “As a non-profit district-supported charter school, we cannot enter the fiscal year with an operating budget projected to be in a deficit.”

Charter schools receive funding from the state, but unlike district schools do not receive any funding from local property taxpayers. Charter schools are expected to raise money themselves to supplement the state funding, according to the state law authorizing charter schools.

PACE Career Academy is the third charter school in New Hampshire to announce its closure in 2021.

Capitol City Charter School in Concord surrendered its charter in February, and Making Community Connections announced it would close its Manchester campus at the end of the school year. Microsociety Academy Charter School in Nashua is closing its middle school at the end of the year.

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