DURHAM — University of New Hampshire officials said an unidentified, out-of-state student attending a New England high school was responsible for sending racist images to the smartphones of students attending a jazz festival on the Durham campus last weekend.

A UNH spokesman said university police and other law enforcement agencies did an extensive investigation to confirm the the offender was not a UNH student.

“This is not a criminal case. The two affected schools are in contact about how best to address the incident through education and awareness,” said Erika Mantz, UNH spokesman.

There were jazz groups from 55 to 60 high schools and middle schools throughout New England and New York at the event.

Earlier this week, Boston Public School officials first had confirmed someone used the “AirDrop” feature on an iPhone to send these images to their students attending the Clark Terry UNH Jazz Festival last Saturday.

AirDrop is an application that lets iPhone users exchange photos and other files.

The youths, who attend the Boston Arts Academy and are primarily students of color, said there were sent an image mocking Black History month.

“Racism has no place on our campus or in our society. It goes against all of our values as a community and it will not be tolerated,” Mantz added.