COLEBROOK — Conservation officers helped two riders whose snowmobiles became stuck in deep powder Wednesday in Colebrook.

According to New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officer Matt Holmes, personnel responded to East Colebrook around noon after getting a 911 call from a man identified as Thomas Dargoonian, 66, of Andover, Mass., reporting he and his 72-year-old riding companion had gotten their snowmobiles stuck on an ungroomed trail near the Corridor 18 snowmobile trail in Colebrook.

Attempts to free the snowmobiles failed, and the two felt they couldn’t get out of the woods without help. Two conservation officers responded to the area and began to search for the pair. Around 1:30 p.m. conservation officers located the stuck snowmobilers on an unplowed road approximately half a mile from the Corridor 18 snowmobile trail. Another group of snowmobilers had followed the tracks of the riders in distress and helped them in getting the snowmobiles unstuck and back to a packed trail.

Dargoonian and his companion were uninjured, and escorted back to the Corridor 18 snowmobile trail and provided with directions before being sent on their way.

According to Holmes, Dargoonian and his riding companion were experienced snowmobilers using a GPS program to navigate the trail system. Holmes said snowmobile trails change for variety of reasons, and the GPS program sent them on a route that was likely groomed trail in the past but was not this year.