NASHUA — City officials have approved the purchase of an electric vehicle for the mayor.

“This would be the first electric vehicle the city would own,” said Mayor Jim Donchess.

The city’s new energy manager, Doria Brown, was able to secure a used Nissan Leaf for up to $12,500.

“It seems like a good deal,” said Donchess, adding the vehicle is a few years old and has low mileage. If purchased new, electric vehicles can cost upwards of $35,000, he said.

Last week, the Board of Aldermen approved the funds for the purchase of the new vehicle for the mayor, which will be charged at the Elm Street municipal parking garage. The $12,500 will be taken from the city’s capital equipment replacement fund.

“What I drive now is a Ford hybrid, a so-called Fusion, that gets OK mileage, but not like this will,” the mayor told city officials.

The current Ford Fusion, which is part of the fleet of public works vehicles, will now be assigned to someone else, according to Donchess.

He is hopeful that the Nissan Leaf purchase is the first of other electric vehicle acquisitions by the city.

“Again, this is a used vehicle — nothing luxurious,” said Donchess, adding it will be ideal for city use.

Alderman Shoshanna Kelly said she is also optimistic that the city can continue expanding its fleet of electric cars.

“I’m happy to see the city move forward with our energy reduction efforts,” said Kelly.

Nashua previously formed an Environment and Energy Committee that is working to develop green initiatives for the Gate City. Donchess said earlier that he hopes to build a greener Nashua by promoting and encouraging different sources of renewable energy.

Nashua previously placed eight new compressed natural gas buses on the road, completed the conversion of street lights to LED bulbs and accomplished the buyout of the lease of the Mine Falls Dam.

In addition, Nashua is among a group of 20 communities nationwide seeking information from renewable energy developers interested in launching a mass renewable energy initiative.

Although Nashua has a vehicle reserved for transportation needs for its mayor, Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig does not have a designated city vehicle. She drives her own minivan, a 2011 Honda Odyssey, according to the mayor’s office.

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