WASHINGTON — Rep. Chris Pappas, D-N.H., has been named to a conference committee to work out compromises on defense spending between the House and Senate, Pappas’ office announced.

The appointment will plunge the freshman Democrat into disputes such as President Trump’s border wall, a potential war against Iran, the Space Force and other military-related issues will be decided.

“I am honored to help negotiate the final bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act, which will ensure our brave men and women in uniform receive the resources they need to keep Americans safe at home and abroad,” Pappas said in a statement.

“This appointment provides me the opportunity to ensure Granite Staters have a seat at the table as I continue to champion local priorities through ongoing negotiations,” he said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi named Pappas and 46 others to the conference committee. Pappas represents his House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure on the committee.

Pappas’ office announced his appointment to the conference committee on the National Defense Authorization Act this week.

The $700 billion bill sets policy for the Pentagon.

A President has signed a NDAA into law every year since 1961. But because it is a must-pass bill, it has become a vehicle for a broad range of policy measures, Reuters reported.

Both the House and Senate have passed different versions. The conference committee will work on a final version, which will have to pass both houses of Congress and be signed by Trump before it becomes law.

The House version includes several Pappas-sponsored provisions that address PFAS, especially in relation to its use by the military.

The provision bans the use of PFAS by the military in 2025.

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