Murdoch the shark was pinged near New Castle over the weekend and marine biologists tracking him joked on Tuesday that one of New Hampshire’s most famous comedians might be a tasty treat.

NEW CASTLE — A great white shark named Murdoch is swimming off the coast of New Hampshire and the joke is he’s looking for an Adam Sandler-sized snack.

On Saturday, researchers with OCEARCH announced that the 1,325-pound shark, which is 14 feet, 10 inches long, was pinging in southbound off the coast of New Hampshire.

Chuck Moran, the deputy harbormaster in Kittery, Maine, said a GPS locator on the shark showed its location to be near Gerrish Island in Maine, which is just across the Piscataqua River from New Castle.

On Tuesday, marine biologists studying Murdoch and his patterns joked on Twitter that Sandler, a famous comedian and actor who grew up in Manchester, may make a tasty treat.

“Autumn in #NewHampshire is quite lovely I must say. Apparently, @AdamSandler is from here. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll decide to take a swim… I’m in the mood for something Kosher,” they wrote.

Murdoch is being studied as part of Expedition Nova Scotia and was the second big mature shark they tagged.

He is now on a tracker for the public to follow at

Murdoch’s first ping shown on the website was Sept. 16 near Scatarie Island in Nova Scotia.

According to the OCEARCH tracker, there is a second great white shark named Caroline swimming off the coast, but much farther out. She is 12 feet, nine inches long, and weighs 1,348 pounds.

Caroline swam to the area from Florida, where her first ping was recorded on May 25 near Canaveral National Seashore.

Officials say it is not unusual to have one or two great white shark sightings a year off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. Some researchers suggest more sharks might come to the area as the Gulf of Maine continues to warm at a rate faster than 99 percent of the rest of the ocean.

Moran said if people see a great white shark while boating, they should stay a good distance away and not put anything into the water.

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