MANCHESTER — The mother of one of three girls who police allege were sexually assaulted after walking away from Granite Pathways drug treatment center last summer believes the organization misled her about efforts to find the girls.

A recent industry study predicted the global cannabidiol (CBD) market will grow from $311.7 million this year to $1.25 billion by 2024. Hemp farming quadrupled in 2019; the crop, which was legalized in the 2018 farm bill, was seen as a huge new growth opportunity for beleaguered American far…

CONCORD — In response to a rush of emails and texts and with almost two dozen parents protesting outside, the Executive Council yielded to public pressure, postponing consideration of a $1.5 million federal grant supporting the state’s voluntary immunization program.

In the Byzantine world of health care pricing, most people wouldn’t expect that the ubiquitous flu shot could be a prime example of how the system’s lack of transparency can lead to disparate costs.