The Massachusetts Department of Public Health released new data Tuesday showing continued progress in the state’s battle with the coronavirus.

The state reported 50 new COVID-19 deaths and 358 new cases. The numbers include both confirmed COVID-19 deaths and cases as well as presumed ones. Of the 358 newly reported cases, 110 are probable cases dating back to March 1. All of the 50 newly reported deaths were confirmed COVID-19 deaths.

In total, Massachusetts reported 101,163 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday.

On Monday, the state began releasing probable coronavirus-related deaths and cases in addition to confirmed ones. The new reporting method brought a rise in total COVID-19 deaths and cases Monday, but the new addition of probable cases and deaths stretch back to March 1.

According to the department, probable cases consist of individuals who have not been tested by the standard viral test but have either had a positive antibody test “and either had COVID symptoms or were likely to be exposed to a positive case.” They also include individuals who did not have an antibody test but had COVID-19 symptoms and were known to be exposed to a positive case.

Patients with a positive molecular test for COVID-19 are counted as confirmed.

Overall, the state continues to report favorable results in the virus trends.

The three-day average of COVID-19 deaths in Massachusetts was reported as 45 on Tuesday, showing a continued decline from 152 on May 2. The three-day average of COVID-19 patients who are hospitalized dropped to 1,743 on Tuesday. And the seven-day weighted average of positive tests dropped to 6.5%. All of those metrics marked further drops from Monday.

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