covid-19 testing

Firefighters perform a nasal swab at Manchester’s free COVID-19 mobile testing station at JFK Coliseum on Tuesday.

The city of Manchester remains at the red level of community transmission of COVID-19, with a rate of 157 new cases per 100,000 residents over the last 14 days, city health officials announced.

Four of New Hampshire’s 10 counties have risen to the red level, which means a substantial level of community transmission exists, officials said in a news release from the Manchester Health Department.

If COVID-19 keeps spreading in the city, Manchester schools might return to all-remote learning.

Schools could close in two weeks, district officials said in an email to school families, if COVID-19 keeps spreading at this rate in Manchester.

City health officials encouraged residents to:

Universally wear masks.

Maintain physical distancing.

Avoid crowds.

Do more outdoor activity, less indoor activity.

Wash hands frequently.

Unlike several New Hampshire communities, Manchester does not mandate face masks.

Last week, Manchester aldermen bucked recommendations from city Health Director Anna Thomas and rejected a mask mandate for indoor public places.

Health officials also urge behavior throughout the year to support one’s immune system, including eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains; 30 minutes of exercise daily; healthy weight; proper sleep; no smoking; and moderation of alcohol.

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