Litchfield school volunteers may soon be required to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Several school board members said they would support the requirement last week, though no official vote was taken.

“We have not required that of our staff,” Superintendent Mike Jette said. “ … With volunteers, I think we are in a different position to say, for the protection of everybody, we really want this.”

The vaccine requirement should be a consideration, especially at the elementary school where there are a large number of volunteers, said Michele Flynn, school board administrative assistant.

“But how can you discriminate against someone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated?” asked Christina Harrison, school board member.

Perhaps the volunteers should start by assisting with outdoor activities, which could be a good way to phase them back into their duties, Flynn said.

“My only concern would be consistency,” board member Heidi Ames said.

“I think, as a school district, our number-one priority is the safety of our staff and students. I do think we have that discretion,” Cory Izbicki, business administrator, said of requiring COVID-19 vaccines for volunteers.

So far this year, the district has not permitted volunteers within any of its schools. It has also prohibited outside groups from using the school facilities.

However, Jette said now is the time to start examining these requests.

“We are in a different state, pandemic-wise,” he said, with vaccinations underway.

The district is seeing a huge uptick in requests to use the school facilities, Jette said.

The school board voted to permit the district, on a case-by-case basis, to begin allowing outside groups to use the school facilities and to allow volunteers into the school buildings.

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