Geoffrey Clark and Martha Fuller Clark

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, announced on Tuesday that she and her husband, Dr. Geoffrey Clark, have recovered from COVID-19.

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-Portsmouth, announced on Tuesday that she and her husband have recovered from COVID-19.

“I am happy to announce that my husband, Jeff Clark and I were both removed by the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services last week from the list of active coronavirus patients and added to the list of those who have recovered,” Fuller Clark said in a statement. “The biggest hurdle to our recovery was extreme fatigue and continuing fevers. I want to especially thank the members of that department who called us every day or so to see how we were doing. It was very reassuring.”

Fuller Clark announced her husband had tested positive for COVID-19 on March 21.

The couple returned from an out-of-state trip on March 17. Clark, 81, had been feeling sick for about a week, Fuller Clark said, when she encouraged him to get tested. Clark’s test came back positive.

“We are also so very grateful for all the caring texts, emails, cards and letters we have received over the last five weeks,” Fuller Clark said in a statement. “We feel very blessed, recognizing that we fall into the over 60 category, not to have been more seriously impacted by the virus, especially as we read about one tragic coronavirus case after another of individuals in our state and across the country having died. Our hearts go out to their grieving families.”

Fuller Clark said she and her husband remain in isolation and wear protective masks.

“I cannot stress enough the need for every one of us to wear our masks whenever we are out and about in public,” said Fuller Clark in a statement. “Protecting one another through social distancing, and wearing masks in situations where distancing may prove a challenge, like at the grocery store, are the only proven ways we can help reduce the spread of this virus. Again our grateful thanks to everyone who has supported us during this stressful time.”

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