DERRY — Parkland Medical Center is marking one year since it became the first hospital in New Hampshire to achieve a Gold Seal of Approval certification in spine surgery from the Joint Commission, a national accreditation body.

One of the things that sets the hospital’s spinal surgery program apart is its third-floor recovery wing, according to Kathy Marschner, director of surgical services.

Marschner said there are about a half-dozen rooms and 24-hour coverage, with nurses trained in spinal medicine. Marschner likens it to a sort of “hotel concierge service.” The recovery area is specifically for patients getting elective spinal surgery, usually to fix chronic pain issues.

Marschner said the hospital started the spinal surgery program a couple years ago, and applied for the certification at the start of last year.

“It shows increased quality of care that we’re providing for our spine surgical patients,” Marschner said. “It’s all based on evidence-based practices that we brought in.”

Joanne McCourt, the vice president of quality at Parkland, said the surveyor was impressed by the recovery area.

In a news release, patient John Gary Sousa of Nashua said everything went smoothly when he had his spinal surgery; he was back to work in two weeks.

“I had back surgery done at Parkland and it was the best all-around experience I have had. From the operating room staff to the third-floor nurses, they were extremely compassionate, positive and paid great attention to detail,” Sousa said in the news release.

Parkland treats cervical spine disease, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis and more.

Joint Commission experts surveyed the facility in person last year and awarded the certification in April 2018.