Q: I’m thinking I might benefit from seeing a therapist. I haven’t felt like myself lately and I don’t know what’s wrong — but something is. How do I find a therapist who is a right fit for me and good at their job? — Rachel T., Urbana, Illinois

A: First, bravo for recognizing your distress and knowing that therapy can help you manage it. Mental Health America reports that in 2019-2020, 20.8% of adults were experiencing a mental illness. That adds up to more than 50 million Americans. And the percentage of adults reporting serious thoughts of suicide is slightly less than 5% or more than 12.1 million. For adolescents it is also a pressing issue: A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report says in 2021, more than 42% of students felt persistently sad or hopeless and 29% experienced poor mental health.

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