Manchester VA Medical Center

Manchester VA Medical Center

MANCHESTER — Officials at the Manchester VA Medical Center said Wednesday staff has closed three operating rooms at the facility “out of an abundance of caution” after flies were discovered in one of the rooms.

“We are vigorously working to fix the issue and reopen the operating room suite as soon as possible,” Manchester VA Medical Center spokesman Kristin Pressly wrote in an email.

Flies in the operating rooms have reportedly been a problem for many years.

In 2017, The Boston Globe reported doctors stopped using one of four operating rooms in October 2016, with a nurse telling the newspaper she had seen flies in that operating room since she began working there 16 years earlier.

A Manchester VA spokesman told the Globe at the time that Manchester had dealt with the fly infestation since at least 2007, spending $1.1 million that year to repair masonry, which was partly to control pests. The hospital also spends about $55,000 per year on pest control.

A 50-page report from the VA’s Office of Medical Inspector issued in 2018 revealed there are flies in one of the operating rooms, but that room is not used.

Pressly said patient care “has not been negatively impacted in any way” following the latest report of flies.

“The only area in the facility where staff has identified issues is the operating room suite,” Pressly wrote in the email. “Manchester VA Medical Center has contacted all patients with scheduled surgery appointments to reschedule their procedures.”

Pressly said a licensed pest management service was called to quickly resolve the issue, while another independent, licensed pest management service provided a second consult.

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